LadiesStand1910The Ladies' Stand

Built 1900 - Demolished 1928

The 'Cowshed', as it was affectionately known was constructed for the weaker sex.  Some have gone so far as to say they wanted to keep the ladies out of the way.  What is known, is that the women that have supporter the Collingwood Football Club have been amongst the most passionate and loyal of all supporters in the league, male or female.  Nevertheless, prejudices of the time resulted in a lot of things that we look upon today as rediculous. 

The ladies of Collingwood all dressed up for a day at the footy

In 1909, when the Members was opened, female season ticket holders were given seats in thew new 1,500 seat capacity stand and the old Ladies' Stand was used as a Smokers' Stand until it was demolished in 1928 to make way for the new Jack Ryder Stand.

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