Collingwood Forever

By Jamie Cooper

Collingwood Forever will honour and treasure the rich history of the Collingwood Football Club during a year of celebrations throughout 2014.
As part of the Collingwood Forever celebrations, the Club has commissioned renowned artist Jamie Cooper to create a large scale painting which will capture the history of Collingwood through the great Magpie moments, people and places that have made the Club what it is today.

The Club will produce 1,111 prints of the painting - representing one for every player who played a senior game with Collingwood Football Club. Secure yourself a limited edition print now.

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Jamie Cooper with his childhood hero, Collingwood legend, Peter McKenna

The Victoria Park Heritage Committee is proud to Introduce the work of Owen Abrahams and his latest piece; Victoria Park, 1966

Click for a larger image

"My objective was to create an artistic image that captures a time and place in the past, and transports the viewer to the half forward flank of the newly built R.T. Rush Stand at the Victoria Park Ground. And what better scenario than the First Round of the 1966 Season where a young lad named Peter McKenna playing for Collingwood kicked 12 goals against a determined Hawthorn.

It was also a time which featured Magpie legends Des Tuddenham, Terry Waters, Len Thompson and Kevin Rose.
My task of researching for this art piece began back in 2008. A chance meeting with an old Collingwood supporter who happened to be at the game fired my imagination. Further interviews with other supporters who were present that day also added to the story.
I then took my research to the State library, where I viewed numerous copies of newspaper articles of the day. A study on the suburb of Collingwood was also necessary, in order to capture the true character of the ground and surrounding buildings. For this, further exploration was needed in researching historical documentation, pictures, photographs and architectural design books and magazines.  All this and what ever other resources I could get my hands on, were utilised in order to create a piece of art that hopefully keeps the memories of Collingwood flickering along and the spirit of the old Victoria Park Ground alive."

In trying to keep this art unique and original, a limited edition of only 25 has been applied.
Material - Lambda Metallic Print
Frame Size - 1040mm x 780mm. Cost: Fully framed $795.00 (inc. GST)
Print Size -   780mm x 510mm.   Cost: Print only: $595.00 (inc GST)

If you would like to view the framed print, feel free to make arrangements with Owen as follows:

Owen Abrahams

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