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Should Victoria Park be a private playground for a handful 
of selfish Turner Street residents and their dogs?

Victoria Park was given to the citizens of Collingwood and must never be sold to private individuals.  Yet the City of Yarra has allowed a small group of profiteering individuals to seize control of a major community sporting facility that was once used by the broader Collingwood community.

Yarra City Council hands down it's draft 2009/10 budget


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To voice your concerns over the future redevelopment of Victoria Park please contact Councillor Steve Jolly as follows.


0437 856 713

Cnr Steve Jolly is a futuristic representative of the people who prioritises equity and justice for all, regardless of their race or socio-economic background.  As a councillor Mr Jolly refuses to bow to money weilding corporates and has already established a track record as a leader in the areas of environmental sustainability and social justice, particularly for the local indigenous community.  Cnr Jolly is the sitting member for Langridge Ward in which Victoria Park is located.

Victoria Park and the Collingwood Football Club are steeped in the Irish Catholic Labour movement and we wish Cnr Jolly all the best in his second term on the Yarra City Council.

Work is planned to commence on the refurbishment of the old board room that was made famous as the set for the David Williamson play The Club.

The room will be named The Jack Hickey Memorial Boardroom in honour of one the Collingwood Football Club's great presidents.

Richmond Cricket Club have asked to use Victoria Park as their home ground for the 2009/10 season while Punt Road is redeveloped.  This would mean a turf cricket square would return to the ground.

Heritage Victoria have all but secured Victoria Park as football ground with key elements of the stadium protected from the Yarra City's destructive Master Plan.

We shall see where this takes us....

FirstStand18921882 - "Victoria Park is given to the City of Collingwood for the resort and recreation of the people of Collingwood and must never be sold to any individuals."

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