Who is using Victoria Park now?


The Collingwood Football Club Foundation (CFCF) has been established to oversee the development and management of the Collingwood Football Club Community Centre at Victoria Park, as well as the club's many community partnerships, programs and activities.

The Foundation’s guiding objective is for Collingwood to be the biggest philanthropic sporting organisation in Australia, with an emphasis on youth and inspiring young people to do their best.

Aims of the Foundation include:

• Support social programs that focus on youth
• Develop and manage the Collingwood Football Club Community Centre
• Support educational and employment opportunities for young people
• Utilise Collingwood players as ambassadors for programs and events
• Support fundraising opportunities for ‘not for profit’ community groups
• Develop cause related partnerships with associations, organisations, foundations, local, state and federal governments to support and deliver community programs
• Integrate the wider CFC ‘community’ - players, business supporters, members and staff with the social sector
• Raise funds for Foundation programs and partnerships

If you have any queries or require further information please don’t hesitate to contact the club.


Collingwood Football Club Foundation 
PO Box 165 
General Enquiries 
T: +61 3 9417 0825
F: +61 3 8412 0170

Yarra City District of Girl Guides Victoria
Yarra City District of Girl Guides Victoria is part of the world’s largest organisation for girls and young women.
Our mission is to enable girls and young women to grow into confident, self respecting, responsible community members.
We provide personal skills development in a non-formal educational program that is based on shared leadership and decision-making at all ages. The program is dynamic and flexible, offering values-based training in life skills, decision making and leadership. The Australian Guide Program is delivered to girls by trained volunteer leaders. We have youth units meeting in North Fitzroy, Collingwood and Clifton Hill, and opportunities for adult volunteers too.

headspace Collingwood

Opened by the Federal Minister for Mental Health and Ageing, the Hon. Mark Butler, Collingwood headspace is set to become a major presence at the revamped Victoria Park site for years to come. The centre occupies the first floor of the former Bob Rose Social Club building, which housed the Collingwood Boardroom and iconic
Social Club Bar.

Heath Shaw with the Federal Minister for Mental Health and Ageing, the Hon. Mark Butler

AFL SportsReady

AFL SportsReady provides support, advice and tailored employment solutions to employers that will enhance their business. For trainees, we deliver support, training and education that results in quality
employment opportunities.  With a strong focus on employment and education, we can:
  • Provide your organisation with an AFL SportsReady Trainee or Apprentice
  • Provide credentialed training and education to your trainees or existing staff, as a nationally accredited Registered Training Organisation.
  • Deliver our Indigenous Employment Program, arranging traineeships and apprenticeships for young Indigenous people.
  • Deliver all AFL Career Transition Programs. AFL SportsReady prides itself on delivering a high quality, tailored service to trainees and employers.
AFL SportsReady match willing trainees with host employers delivering formal education that results in recognised qualifications from Certificate II through to Diploma.  AFL SportsReady delivers tailored employment solutions for employers, and will work with you to identify your business needs. We will subsequently recruit, manage and educate trainees in a program that will ultimately enhance your organisation and deliver better business outcomes.  Our 18 years of experience and understanding of key industries has led to partnerships with State Governments, major banks, universities, sporting organisations, secondary schools and hundreds of small businesses as well as the delivery of over 9,000 traineeships.  With AFL SportsReady, bringing a trainee or apprentice on board couldn't be easier.


ArtsReady is a new vocational training initiative for the creative industries, driven by the need to provide young people with opportunity.
ArtsReady supports young Australians who are seeking a successful and rewarding career in the creative industries, by providing them with paid, meaningful work combined with accredited and certified training programs. The traineeship experience creates practical on-the-job skills and seeks to establish clear career pathways.
For employers, ArtsReady makes the task of hiring entry level roles as straightforward as possible. We remain the legal employer of our trainees and look after the associated administration, organise their education plan and arrange the appropriate training provider to deliver the education that best suits the needs of both our trainees and partners.
The ArtsReady team brings it all together to ensure everyone is working together to deliver the best outcome for trainees, employers and the sector as a whole.
ArtsReady is an initiative of AFL SportsReady, supported by the Australian Government.
To find out more, visit www.artsready.com.au or contact:
Andrew Murray
General Manager 
P: (03) 8413 3518
E: andrew.murray@artsready.com.au

Logo_MindAustMind Australia

Mind works with people 16 - 64 years of age whose ability to manage their daily activities and to live in the community is impacted by mental health issues. 

People who use our services come from many cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.

When you are a client of Mind, we will work with you to set goals, and develop the knowledge and skills to achieve them. We will focus on your strengths, values and support preferences rather than your illness.

We support you to define your strengths and improve your: 

  • daily living skills
  • capacity for mental health self-care and self management
  • physical health
  • social and relationship skills
  • housing, education and employment.

We also aim to strengthen and empower families, friends and carers of people with mental illness, and we have specific services for them.

Eating Disorders Victoria

Eating Disorders Victoria (EDV) provides a comprehensive support and information service on all aspects of eating disorders.  EDV incorporates a unique approach to the provision of clinical and non-clinical support services through a blend of qualified professionals and lived experience of employees and volunteers. The approach and services provided by EDV have a direct impact on the mental health and wellbeing of thousands of Victorians every year.
Strategic Approach
EDV operates at a number of strategic levels in the pursuit of a future where the incidence, duration and impacts of all eating disorders are reduced. The following objectives form part of the strategic plan 2012-15.
Build and grow the EDV brand as a single point of information, support and referral for people with eating disorders and their families, friends and the wider community
Diversify funding and income sources to increase annual income.
Develop strategic partnerships to ensure EDV services are  embedded in mental health and community systems; specifically in the areas of education, research, advocacy, marketing, funding and health promotion.
Influence and participate in shaping broad public health and well being policy.

Collingwood Toy Library
The Collingwood Toy Library is a community owned resource for families in the City of Yarra and surrounding areas that has been incorporated since 1992. Since then more than 2000 families have been part of the Collingwood Toy Library.
The Collingwood Toy Library promotes the educational value of play for young children and encourages positive adult/child interactions through the provision of quality toys, games and equipment from birth to the first years of primary school.
With a membership to the Collingwood Toy Library you can easily meet the ever-changing and growing needs of your child at each stage of development.
The Collingwood Toy Library is a great place to meet other parents and to learn about the importance of play as well as to borrow from our extensive range of toys.
The Collingwood Toy Library lends a wide range of quality toys, puzzles and games for a yearly fee, saving families money, storage space and waste, while reducing our carbon footprint.
Every family with young children in and around the City of Yarra is welcome and supported to become a member of the Collingwood Toy Library.
9.30am – 12.00pm
9.30am – 12.00pm
9.30am – 12.00pm
9.30am – 2.00pm

The Jack Ryder Stand

Victorian Football Umpires Association

The VFL Umpires, once based in the undercroft of the Sherrin Stand extension constructed in 1978 are now comfortably housed in the newly renovated Jack Ryder Stand.  Just two years after the Magpie's departure, Yarra City was able to find $400,000 of rate payer's funds to fully renovate the old player's change rooms, offices, Woodsmen's Club and the Darren Millane Memorial Gymnasium. 

The VFL Umpires Association have a 10 year lease from 2006 and use Victoria Park for training three nights a week, usually Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


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