"It isn't sport. It's animal cruelty."

'I'm Nick Maxwell, Captain of Collingwood Football Club. I play sport because I want to. But the bears of Pakistan that are forced to take part in bear baiting are not so lucky.

As an ambassador for WSPA I'm speaking out against the cruelty of bear baiting. Because it isn't sport. It's animal cruelty.'

Bricks for Bears Website 

What is bear baiting?


Bear baiting is the world's most savage blood sport. A bear, with claws blunted and teeth removed, is tied to a post in the centre of a stadium and set upon by dogs. When the fight looks like it is about to become fatal, it is stopped. But only to give the exhausted bear time to rest before facing the dogs again.

All of this takes place in the name of 'sport'. But bear baiting is no sport. It is animal cruelty.

Bricks for Bears is the next step in our campaign to bring an end to bear baiting in Pakistan. We need to build a sanctuary for the bears that will be rescued. We need your help to do this - brick by brick.

The need for a sanctuary

To achieve our goal of an end to bear baiting in Pakistan we need to build a new sanctuary. We estimate that there are about 70 bears still being used in baiting events. We cannot rescue them until there is a safe place for them to go to - a sanctuary where they can enjoy the care and the security they deserve.

The mural painted at Victoria Park on the Lulie Street wall

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