One-eyed Hill

When the oval was first created in 1879 there was only a small grassed embankment providing a slightly elevated view of the playing field.  When Collingwood was admitted to the VFL in 1892 it was on the condition that the Collingwood Council provide adequate spectator facilities.  This meant the construction of grandstand with player facilities and the building up of embankments around the ground.  While structures around the ground have changed and the soil turned over many times to lay foundations, the dirt embankment that is One-eyed Hill has not changed since the Collingwood Football Club's formation in 1892.  A minor change was made to the depth of the hill in 1982 when Collingwood President Ranald MacDonald had the oval lengthened to the same dimensions as the MCG and ten meters was cut out One-eyed Hill.

Also known as the Trenerry Crescent End or better known as the Yarra Falls End, One-eyed Hill has been an integral part of Victoria Park and the Collingwood community at large.


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