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E. W. 'Bud' Copeland
1868 1947

Collingwood Football Club Secretary 1895-1923
Vice-President 1924-25

Grave restoration 2012

Very special thanks to:
Collingwood Football Club and David Emerson
Collingwood FC Foundation
Friends of Cheltenham and Regional Cemeteries (FOCRC) and their President Travis Sellers
Collingwood FC Archives Committee and especially Peter Furniss
Richard Stremski
Glenn McFarlane
The Copeland family and Kate McPherson and Janet Muspratt
The generous fans who purchased a Bud Copeland Supporter Pack 


On may 9th 2012 a small gathering assembled at Cheltenham Pioneer Cemetery to witness the unvieling of Ernest 'Bud' Copeland's grave restoration by Collingwood President Eddie McGuire and Friends of Cheltenham and Regional Cemeteries President Travis Sellers.  Over the last year Travis had put in many hours of diligent hard work to see this project was done properly and in a meaning way.

The weather proved very kind to us as the sun shone throughout the preceedings.  Eddie McGuire got things underway with the appropriate acknowledgements and then tossed the script aside to pay a heartfelt tribute to a fellow long serving Club administrator.  Bud Copeland's great nieces, Kate McPherson and Janet Muspratt, had flown down from NSW for the occassion and were called forward to assist Eddie in unvieling the restored grave.

Wreaths were laid on grave by Anne Landers, Lesley Benham and Eddie McGuire on behalf of the Collingwood Football Club, by Bud Copeland's Great Nieces, Kate McPherson and Janet Muspratt, Shane Barrie, on behalf of the VPHC.

FOCRC president, Travis Sellers then spoke of the importance of the work FOCRC are doing and also relayed some wonderful anecdotes taking from the newspapers during Bud's 29 years service to the Club.  One that was especially well recieved was of the '19th Magpie';

"Collingwood supporters had a period on Saturday when they thought their time for defeat had come at last. South Melbourne had a lead of 17 points at half-time, and looked like increasing it early in the third quarter. Suddenly a magpie flew on to the field, and after hopping about for a few seconds flew straight for the goal Col- lingwood had been attacking without much result, and this there were 19 "magpies" on the field. It seemed as if the bird was directing the men wearing its colours towards the goal. From that moment Col- lingwood never looked back. The incident was noticed by hundreds of spectators, among them Mrs. E. W. Copeland, who was sitting with her husband, who was for 20 years secretary of the Collingwood club. 'Look, look,' said Mrs. Copeland. 'What an extraordinary thing,' as she nudged her husband. 'That's nothing,' was his reply, 'that's one of the tricks we use when things are going wrong" From The Argus, 5 August 1929 p16

The Victoria Park Heritage Committee then paid tribute to the contributions of the Collingwood Football Club, the Collingwood Football Club Foundation and FOCRC.

Kate McPherson spoke of her great uncle in terms of what he meant to the family and told stories of how he would send gifts of sporting equipment up north to his NSW family and described Bud as the 'sporty' one of the family.

The day closed with group photos and a magnificent lunch provided by FOCRC in their pavillion at the cemetery.  Just looking at the photo Travis took back in 2011 and looking at the final restored grave shows that this was truly a worthwhile venture.

Kate McPherson and Janet Muspratt unviel their Great Uncle's restored grave 
with Collingwood Football Club President Eddie McGuire

Photo courtesy of FOCRC - Photographer: Ric Norman

Bud Copeland's great nieces Janet Muspratt (left) and Kate McPherson (right)
Photo courtesy of FOCRC - Photographer: Ric Norman

Collingwood FC President Eddie McGuire with FOCRC President Travis Sellers 
and FOCRC committee member Vivienne Sellers

Photo courtesy of FOCRC - Photographer: Ric Norman

Footage courtesy of

Thanks to the incredible persistence and hard work of Travis Sellers and his team from The Friends of Cheltenham and Regional Cemeteries (FOCRC) the grave site of Ernest William 'Bud' Copeland will soon be restored to a respectable state.

Currently the grave is in bad disrepair. When the Collingwood Football Club were approached by FOCRC to fund the restoration they were more than willing to help and the Collingwood Football Club Foundation, based now at Victoria Park, have been fantastic in providing funding for the project.

Bud Copeland's grave site 2011

A new plaque has been commissioned and a committee was quickly formed to word the dedication to Bud Copeland.  It is anticipated that the fully restored grave will be unveiled before round one of the coming season and details will be made available as soon as we have a firm date.


Under the guidance of Collingwood Football Club Director of Stadia, David Emerson, the Bud Copeland Grave Restoration Committee members are:

Peter Furniss - Chairperson
Current chairperson of the Collingwood Football Club Archives Committee and in charge of in excess of $9.5m worth of club memorabilia.  Peter has been a Collingwood member for over 50 years and is looking forward to moving back home with the archives committee to his beloved Victoria Park.

Richard Stremski
Author of the book widely held to be the Collingwood Football Club's bible, Kill for Collingwood, former Club administrator, founder of the Collingwood Archives Committee and passionate Collingwood FC historianRichard migrated from America in 1972 and after being quizzed on his favourite 'footy' team with the commonly asked question, " Do ya barrack for Collingwood, or against them?"  He soon fell in love with everything about Collingwood and in his research of why everyone hated Collingwood so much and why Collingwood people seemed to revel in this polarisation, he uncovered a very deep, complex and rich history that is unique in world sport.  Richard is a wealth of knowledge on all things Collingwood.

Glenn McFarlane
Herald Sun sports journalist for over 20 years and official Collingwood Football Club historian.  Glenn has been a prolific writer of books on Collingwood from "The Machine" to "The Official Illustrated History of the Collingwood Football Club" to his latest masterpiece "Jock".  Glenn's Grandfather is none other than 'The King of Fullbacks", Charlie Dibbs, who played 216 games from 1924 to 1935 and won five premierships from a staggering eight grand finals.  With a relative that sits amongst the very, very best of Collingwood's legends, it is easy to see why he loves his Magpies and his Collingwood History.

Travis Sellers
President of the Friends of Cheltenham and Regional Cemeteries (FOCRC) and prolific writer and historian himself.  Despite being a Hawthorn supporter, Travis recognised the historical significance of the badly neglected grave site that was the resting place of one of Collingwood's most revered figures, Ernest William 'Bud' Copeland.

Shane Barrie
Chairperson of the Victoria Park Heritage Committee, passionate Collingwood member for 35 years, keen historian and Great Grandson of the creator of Victoria Park, Frederick Trenerry Brown.  Fred Brown purchased 'Dight's Paddock' back in 1878 with finance provided by his Uncle Edwin who lived in Cornwall, UK.  In 1879 Fred Brown, with his solicitor associate, David Abbott, subdivided Dight's Paddock and set aside the 10 1/4 acres that we now know as Victoria Park.

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