CFCLogo_80sVFL Round 3
1:10pm Saturday 7th April 2012
Victoria Park

(Live on ABC TV)
Collingwood 7.19 (61)
defeated by
Nth Ballarat 15.16 (106)

- Ceglar, Mooney, Ferraro, Witts, Williams, Gault, Ugle
Best - Wood, Brown, Wallace, M.Williams, K.Pendlebury, Corr

A last quarter fadeout cost the Magpies dearly in what was a very competetive performance up to that point.  The Magpies will look to bounce back strongly against Preston in round 4 to secure the first win of the season

B Mooney, Corr, Rounds
HB Young, Seccull, Wellingham
C Buckley, Johnson, Yagmoor
HF K.Pendlebury (c), McNamara, Cribbin
F Brown, Wood, M.Williams
R Ceglar, Ugle, Ferraro
Int (from) Boland, Gault, S.Williams, Witts, Wallace, De Bruin, Doria, Stubbs


Corey Gault lays a 'super' tackle

Nathan Brown in full flight

Caolan Mooney lays the tackle

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