The Sherrin Stand
Built 1969 and extended 1978
Architects: Peter McIntyre & Associates
Capacity: 5000 seated

Two thirds of the current stand was completed in 1969 and the final third behind the Victoria Park Station end goals was opened in 1978.  With an initial capacity of 1800 covered and 700 uncovered seats, the Sherrin Stand provided significantly improved viewing facilities for the rapidly growing Magpie army.  In 1978 an additional 1000 seats were added and the stand now filled the gap between the Syd Coventry Pavilion and the R T Rush Stand.


The Sherrin Stand is famous for its black and white stripes that loom large over Lulie Street and can be clearly seen from the trains passing by Victoria Park Station.  The stripes form an integral part of the intimidatory nature of the stadium.  Fans knew at a glance that this was not just a footy ground, but the Magpie's fortress.




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