Season 1991 - Round 15
Victoria Park on Saturday, 29th June

B:  Kerrison - McKeown - Gayfer
HB:  Wright - Kelly - Crosisca
C:  Millane - Shaw - Lehmann
HF:  Williams - Christian - Morwood
F:  Russell - Richardson - Daicos
FOLL:  Manson - Brown - Francis
INT:  Turner - Starcevich


Collingwood 5.3 11.7 18.11 23.22 (160)
Adelaide 3.4 3.5 5.6 5.7 (37)
Collingwood: M.Richardson 6, J.Manson 5, T.Francis 3, G.Brown 2, P.Daicos 2, S.Kerrison, T.Lehmann, C.Starcevich, S.Morwood, S.Russell
Adelaide: M.Liptak 2, S.Hodges 2, R.Jameson
Crowd: 26,125

Photo: Kaylene Waters, SA Magpies

Photo: Kaylene Waters, SA Magpies

Photo: Kaylene Waters, SA Magpies

 Nick's match report by Two_Pies

"It was surprisingly sunny for the time of the year. The Epping line train packed to the max. The stations fly by, the tension mounts, today we play a new team, the first time since their inception. That team is the “Camry Crows”. It’s a new era in supporting attitudes. The visitors have never been here before and the state rivalries are now a full reality in the home and away competition. What will happen is the main thought in that crowded train carriage that is a sea of Black and White."

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